Ir. Vendermeulen (Amsterdam) is known for promoting the sound of The Golden Age of Music: the rare and beautiful lost treasures of the 50's-early 70's.
He does this through his deejaying, playing the saxophone and theremin, recording music and producing events.

Some history: In the early 80's, Ir. Vendermeulen held his first parties in/around Haarlem and Amsterdam, which where R'n'R/R'n'B/Soul/Ska-nights.

Through the years, ofcourse Ir.Vendermeulen's musical tastes developed, broadening as well as deepening.. but always the fantastic sound of "The Golden Era of Music" kept his main interest.

In '98 deejay-duo De Teutonics was formed, together with Gerrit-Jan van Ham, specialising in what they called "Bule-Bule à Go-Go": a blend of French YéYé, 60's Europop, Soul, Beat and Crazy Cover-versions from all around the world. The duo worked together for 5 years.

In 2003, as a reaction to the poor nightclub-action at that time, Ir.Vendermeulen started Amsterdam BeatClub with a few colleague deejays.
First starting out at ultra-small underground venues, ABC soon turned out to be a huge succes and with that more parties came and venues grew..

Nowadays, Amsterdam BeatClub is all produced by Ir.Vendermeulen and is widely considered an important Dutch organisation for Vintage Music,
with a steady following from around the country and outside.

In 2007 Ir.Vdm teamed with Charley Rhythm & Koos van Dijk to do a series of Burlesque-nights at The Comedy Theater in Amsterdam, called Tease-à-GoGo. They were Holland's very first Burlesque all-nighters! From now on Burlesque had the platform it needed so long in Holland and a Dutch Burlesque movement could develop. The parties where an instant succes, and after this other Burlesque events developed, some of which still run succesful today..

As deejay the Ir. likes to dig deep in the vaults of music history! 
He is best known for his hard-grooving sets filled with steaming, often obscure, but always soulful music.. played from the original 45's! 

Main ingredients are early R'n'B, Soul, Boogaloo, Beat, Mod-Jazz, Boogie, R'n'R, YéYé, Funk, Ska, Surf, Exotica, Popcorn, 60's Garage ..all 50's/70's dancefloor fillers!

Many dj-gigs are done using his vintage turntables, even spinning ultra-rare 78RPM-records and together with Charley Rhythm the Ir. constitutes dj/vj-duo The Scopi-Tonics.

Saxophonist Ir.Vendermeulen, often using his a.k.a "Mr.Mills", works with many great musicians and groups.. to name a few: The Mighty Typhoons, The Kopasetics, Messer Chups, Lady Marmalade & The Beatnik Cats, Working Voodoo Club, WestHell 5, Sue Moreno, La Sirène, Jacqueline Taïeb, The Spinshots, The Anacondas.

The Ir. can sometimes be heard as thereminist, for instance in "Music To Be Murdered By", a tribute to Alfred Hitchcock.
With The Anacondas, a live soundtrack was made during projection of the Cult-movie "King Kong vs. Godzilla" (Jap.'63) for Rocket Cinema.

Together with companions Goffredo Santovito, Fabrizio Carrieri and Rob Berends, Ir. Vendermeulen founded TARDAM RECORDS, a records label specialised in releasing 60's dancefloor music on 7" records.. four great 45's have been released since 2015!

Ir. Vendermeulen has a booking agency, where many great bands and dj-acts can be booked: the ABC-AGENCY.
check it out folks!

There are many plans for projects, shows, parties and recordings in the future  ..and the best is yet to come!