Ir. Vendermeulen (Amsterdam) is best known for promoting the ultracool sounds of 'The Golden Age of Music' (1950's / early 70's). He does this by DEEJAYING, playing SAXOPHONE and THEREMIN, recording MUSIC and PRODUCING events. 

Since 2003, the Ir. produces the succesful AMSTERDAM BEATCLUB, organising monthly clubnights at different locations. He is co-owner of the TARDAM RECORDS, a label that releases 7" vinyl records. And he runs ABCagency, a booking agency to get artists and companies connected.

The Ir. is a regular deejay at many venues, feel free to check the AGENDA for all deejay-dates and gigs! 

Over the years, Ir. Vendermeulen did some 2.100+ gigs, events and productions.. Check the REFERENCES-page for some of the venues, festivals & companies where he performed.

Since 2003, Ir. produces AMSTERDAM BEATCLUB , which is considered to be an important Dutch organisation for Vintage Music, with a steady following from around the country and outside.

The ABC-clubnights and festivals are organised at various locations. Apart from the live music & deejays, ABC-parties often feature Burlesque performers, à Go-Go-dancers, sideshows and cult veejay-visuals.

Ir. Vendermeulen runs a booking agency: the ABC AGENCY, where many bands, deejays and performers can be booked!


Together with companions Goffredo Santovito and Fabrizio Carrieri, Ir. Vendermeulen founded TARDAM RECORDS, a records label specialised in releasing 60's dancefloor music on 7" records.. nine supergreat 45's have been released since 2015!

Watch Ir. VenderMeulen "the music connoisseur" at home ;) 
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